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Reapplication of refused visa

A visa refusal is very disappointing for the applicant, sponsor or perhaps the whole family. Visas are filed for tourism, meeting family or friends, attend important family functions, pursuing higher education, important business meetings, work opportunities, joining spouse etc.

Extensive research and preparation goes into planning a holiday or the agenda for business meetings etc. For a student, countless hours go into the entire admission process of selecting a country, institute, course, application procedures and formalities etc.

At Visa Consultancy Services we believe, all this effort is pointless, if you are not successful in getting a visa. You are left questioning what went wrong and are unsure of what else you need to do.

Through our 14+ years of work experience with an Embassy / High Commission, we have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of case, profile and financial assessment. As part of our consultation process we would:

  • Understand your purpose of travel hence identifying the specific requirements you need to fulfil.

  • Assess your past application history and the reasons of refusal stated by the visa officer.

  • Thoroughly assess your case and financial profile.

  • Identify the additional documents that support your reapplication.

  • Correct the format and content of supporting documents.

  • Advise you on all the specific documents required including all financial related documents.

  • Advise on supporting documents from your sponsor / company etc.

  • Prepare Statement of Purpose document with all the required information and the relevant travel itinerary.

  • Professional case presentation for submission.

  • In-depth and detailed interview preparation including assessment of all potential questions, answers to these questions and multiple mock interview sessions.

The eventual decision on your visa application always lies with the visa officer at the embassy. However, with our past experience, knowledge of the law and understanding of how the law is implemented, it is our endeavour to prepare your case file as the best possible representation of your profile and intent of travel that would strongly influence the visa officer towards a positive decision.

Why choose us

  • 14+ years of past Embassy / High Commission work experience
  • 15+ years of excellence in consultancy services
  • 23,000+ Satisfied Customer
  • 2500+ Successful Student Visas
  • Detailed financial assessment for case profile
  • Superior knowledge and understanding of visa rules and regulations
  • Customized Interview Preparation
  • Client focused personal & dedicated approach
  • Honest, Impartial & Quality Advice